Tips to be a good customer while taking an escort massage service

Posted on: December 1, 2020

An erotic massage is a happy affair regardless of its type. It will always give you a happy ending if things are kept on the right track. An erotic massage by New York  Asian escort is not a simple massage that enlightens your mind or does well to your body ache. It includes a great deal of pleasure and sensuality. Such encounters need to be handled with care to make sure it ends on a good note. However, regarding the nudity, it completely depends upon the escort agency. Some escorts will have no clothes on them while some will be partially nude. That is completely your call and wish to see the escorts in your dream way. A massage will help you attain multiple climaxes. So, how they reach it? Find out some very useful tips which help you play a safe encounter leading to a happy ending.


    • Be on time: Well, punctuality does not get counted only for work and professional life. If you are taking service, you need to be on time. Making a gorgeous lady wait is no way a good thing to do. You need to be on time, as decided by you and the Asian escort NYC agency. The relationship between the professional and client needs to be maintained so that there is a sense of attraction and liking. If the lady waits for you, a sense of irritation may disrupt the complete erotic massage session.
    • You are the boss, but she is not your slave: When you opt for a service and pay for it, you always have the right to feel like a boss. But, there is no need of making her feel like your slave. She is a partner and needs equal attention and respect. You alone cannot run the entire show and for a happy ending, you will need her companionship. It is a two-way affair, and you are the passive one while taking a massage.
    • A nice chat maybe the best starter: An escort service doesn’t need to start with lovemaking and sensual acts. There is no need for a hard punch line or jokes to make her laugh. It is a great way to experience some great conversation. A conversation can include some great flirting, teasing, and some worldly conversation. With little discussion, you can be in tune with her and built some great company.
    • Don’t touch without consent: It is always about being in the line that is respected. You cannot cross the line and touch her wherever and whenever. There is a rule and you must respect that to make your erotic massage wonderful happy endings. To end things on a happy note, you need her consent and approval.
    • Don’t treat her like a whore:  A whore is something and an escort is something else. Asian escorts NYC are not whore; they are skilled professionals who have a lot of skills and techniques. Treat her well, as she will take you on an erotic journey and satisfies your pleasure. She is an amazing escort with skills to keep you attracted and satisfied.
    • Be prepared: You need to prepare yourself before such an erotic journey. An exotic massage will include a lot of naughty and adultery acts. Before she arrives at your comfort zone, it is important to keep things ready.


Don’t ask for anything more than you have paid. With Asian escorts services you can satisfy all your cravings. Use these tips and get the journey done with a happy ending.


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